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All-American Style

Mark D. Sikes Breaks It Down: What Red, White, and Blue Can Do For You

July 05, 2019

All-American Style

Mark D. Sikes Breaks It Down: What Red, White, and Blue Can Do For You

July 05, 2019

Known for his relaxed, casual, All-American style, and his signature use of white-and-blue, Mark D. Sikes answered a couple of questions about these subjects just in time for the Fourth of July for us. Check out his answers below and explore some spaces that bring our MDS x HVL collection to life.

HVL: What does “All-American style” mean to you? What makes it so desirable?
MDS: All-American style is fresh, casual, and easy. I think of stripes, denim, checks, and khaki. It’s desirable because it’s classic.

HVL: Your love for blue-and-white is legendary. What does red add to this combination?
MDS: Some fun! 

FRESH. Blue-and-white wallpaper establishes a feeling of freshness, like taking a cool drink of water in with your eyes. Of course, that's only deepened by all those beautiful flowers and plants getting watered and trimmed. Painted No. 1 in Aged Brass/Bird Blue from our CLASSICS collaboration with MDS complements this fresh, airy feeling. Blue-and-white for the win!


CASUAL. Metal No. 1 keeps things casual in this kitchen space. While a beautiful fixture with timeless allure and a gorgeous finish, it's also approachable. It's not over-the-top or angular. This kitchen keeps things mostly light and bright but grounds the space iwth some wooden tones, grey colors, and pops of brass. Metal No. 1's placement above the island with stools makes for an inviting environment where one can relax. 

EASY. While this room is somewhat formal, it still feels inviting and ready for you to set yourself at ease. There's not a lot of undue fuss; it's ready for its purpose, which is dining; and it looks set to for guests to enjoy a long meal and conversation in with minimal work. The Sphere No. 2 pendant above the table at once creates impact and feels accessible. Its celebration of circular shapes give it an easy, approachable feeling. 

Homeowner: Ariel Garneau of PMQforTwo | Sphere No. 1

FUN! Like Mark says, while blue-and-white together create endless elegance, throw some red in there and it gets fun. And fun is one of the main words that comes to mind with this space, with its Sphere No. 1 pendants, funky wallpaper, light-blue-and-white elements, and red pop chairs. You can find out more about that space and others in our One Room Challenge post.

Homeowner: Jennifer Flores of Rambling Reno | Sphere No. 2