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Eight Rooms with Bold Colors, Patterns, and Wallpapers

Unusual Ways to Use Contrasting Patterns and Bold Colors in a Variety of Rooms

September 12, 2019

Eight Rooms with Bold Colors, Patterns, and Wallpapers

Unusual Ways to Use Contrasting Patterns and Bold Colors in a Variety of Rooms

September 12, 2019

Sometimes you see a color, a pattern, a wallpaper, and you just know you have to have it. But then a voice chimes in from another part of your mind: “Isn't it a bit much? Can you live with that over your whole space?"

It doesn't need to be an all-or-none proposition! Whether it's a bold color, a beautiful pattern or a dramatic wallcovering, some rooms serve as the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself all the way, while other spaces might be a great spot to try out unusual accent applications.

These spaces show what we mean. Let's take a look, shall we?

Champagne Cochran of Bookha Studios | Ashleigh chandelier by Mitzi

Champagne Cochran of Bookha Studios | Hurley floor lamp by Hudson Valley Lighting

As far as bold colors go, the ubiquitous blush, or millennial pink as it is called by some, doesn't rate very high. But when you add strong graphic patterns or dark complementing colors, it is something else.

Mixing patterns is a cinch when you keep the color palette tight and adhere to some version of simplicity. 

Contrast comes in the form of furniture, such as dark velvets here, while brass fixtures and accents complement the color of choice.

The eye needs to know intuitively where to go; it doesn’t know where to look in an overstuffed room filled with loud patterns.

Design: Old Home Love | Ashleigh by Mitzi

Mysha of Remington Ave | Leigh by Mitzi

These two bedrooms for children show more of the possibilities. Both use the fifth and sixth walls—the floor and ceiling.

In Old Home Love's for their child Kit, different but complementary hues of blush pink dominate the space, from the wainscoting and moulding to the floor, with accents in the drapery around the bed and the wallpaper. The beautiful shades of dark blue and green give some relief, while the visually dense pattern, taking up half the wall, has plenty of blush to tie into the rest of the space. Again, dark velvets provide that contrast. 

In Mysha's from Remington Avenue, the bold floral pattern is placed unexpectedly. Taking over the ceiling and an adjacent diagonal plane. Since this wallcovering is intense—with very large flowers, some dark colors, and lots of detail, the rest of the room is understated with plenty of white, cream, and beige to give the eye rest. A white lantern ties into one of the colors from the pattern while a brass sconce reliably complements the soft blush color. The bed ties perfectly into the blush in the patterns. 

Homeowner: Ariel Garneau of PMQ for Two | Gia sconces by Mitzi

Homeowner: Sophie Loghman | Paige by Mitzi

A child's room or a nursery is an ideal space to go big with color and pattern, indulging your inner sense of whimsy. Simple light fixtures with white and brass finishes often work well to play a supporting role. Scale becomes the statement, and a ceiling medallion may help create the desired mood. 

Homeowner: Ariel of Pmq for Two | Leigh by Mitzi

Not that an adult's bedroom is off-limits! Color lovers like Ariel of PMQ for Two are not afraid to use refreshing patterns with colors it's hard not to feel happy looking at. We love this open wardrobe area in the bedroom and the way she used our Leigh lantern sconce in a matching marigold yellow

Homeowner: Charlotte Smith of Charlotte | Angie sonces by Mitzi

Some colorful, playful spaces bridge the gap between an adult's aesthetic needs and their child's need for toys, books, and activities. In this space, illuminated with abundant natural light coming in through glass doors, Charlotte finds a fun way to store toys and shelve books in ways that tie into a positive-feeling adult-friendly room. In addition to its indoor-outdoor vibes, elevated elements like a sleek acrylic table and a Moroccan pouf make it a delight to hang out in.

Its colorful, lively wallpaper is used on an accent wall, while plenty of other color comes into play. Throw pillows and an area rug deliver light pattern play in refreshing colors. A series of prints that spell out a message and a color-organized children's book collection on a white shelving unit provide enough structure to prevent the use of color and pattern becoming overwhelming. Green storage units make the best of the situation, adding yet another complementary hue to this room's uplifting palette.

Homeowner: Charlotte Smith of At Charlotte | Angie wall sconce by Mitzi

Homeowner: Brit Arnesen of Brit Dot Design | L: Avery by Mitzi, C: Petra by Mitzi

Lastly, a one-of-a-kind accent wall with different colors is a smart way to expand a confined space and elevate a utilitarian one. Here, Brit Dot Arnesen did that brilliantly with her laundry room. Again, the color of choice is blush and its wheelhouse, and Mitzi fixtures with brass and white finishes complement the color scheme perfectly.

Is there a space in your home calling out for a bold pattern or color?