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Morgan's Many Moods

Striking Geometry and Simplicity

April 05, 2018

Morgan's Many Moods

Striking Geometry and Simplicity

April 05, 2018

Since kicking off our Instagram in November 2016, we've reposted 17 distinct shots of our Morgan fixture in separate environments. It's clear: people seem to like Morgan. A lot. 

Morgan sets a rectangular hand-forged iron frame with glass panels within a larger frame without glass. In the midst of this frame-within-a-frame body, a candelabra stands poised with shapely candlebases and bobèches. The curvy bases of the candles contrast the hard lines of the rest of the fixture. The result: striking geometry, striking simplicity.

Morgan for the interior comes in two finishes: Deep Bronze and Gold Silver Leaf Finish.

Deep Bronze has a slight, rough texture to it and is very dark, reading as black in rooms where there's more black to sway it that way.

Equally alluring is the Gold Silver Leaf version. Hand-applied, the interior frame is densely packed with Gold Leaf with traces of silver, while the outer frame has a dominant silver base, impressionistically mottled with gold leaf. The result is a fixture of easy beauty and grace that fits right into any space where silver and golden elements are at play. 

The versatility of Morgan is manifest in the many pictures we see of it. It works great above kitchen islands. It’s a stunner in the entryway. Hung high above a stairwell, it looks beautiful and pulls the space together. Playing off other rectangular shapes nearby with ease, it's adaptable to many spaces and accentuates this theme. 

Below are some of our favorites we've come across in this past year+, and a special announcement about the newest member of the Morgan family.




Best to start at the beginning, right? Morgan makes for a warm welcome in the entryway. First impressions don't lie.  


Whether a home office is masculine or feminine, Morgan lightens the work load.  


Whatever the style of the living room, Morgan helps make the space feel chill. Whether its right angles echo or contrast the shape of the coffee table, its presence enhances the room's design impact. Its metal frame and different finishes create natural opportunities for complementing nearby furniture, art, and accents. 

Morgan makes the perfect pendant for over the kitchen island. Hang them in four-light or eight-light versions, in twos or threes, depending on the size of your space. 

Morgan does wonders in transitional passages, such as above a two-part stairwell or in a hallway. Set in open, white, airy spaces, it echoes similar elements such as railings, windows, and architectural millwork, pulling the space together. 


Lastly, don't forget the bathroom. Treat yo'self with a Morgan installed safely near the tub for a feeling of indulgence and luxury.

Can you just not contain your love of Morgan? Well, to our existing interior collection, we've now added exterior pendants and sconces, seen above.  Now, you can take Morgan outside. In the process of bringing Morgan outdoors, we've added a couple of changes. One is the new finish, Bronze with Polished Stainless. The other is in the candles, where we've cleaned up the candelabra, making them as sleek and streamlined as possible. You can get a closer look at the exterior hanging version here and the sconces here, here, and here. Check out the rest of our new collection here.


Header Image:
Project Name: Indian Trail Club
Project Location: Franklin Lakes, NJ
Design Firm: Kris Pienschke of Judd Brown Designs
Photo Credit: Nat Rea

To learn more about it, read the Case Study at our Littman Brands Contract page.