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An Interview with Becki Owens

Becki Owens x Hudson Valley Lighting

February 15, 2022

An Interview with Becki Owens

Becki Owens x Hudson Valley Lighting

February 15, 2022

Popular designer, blogger, and trendsetter Becki Owens is widely known for her fresh, feminine, “Pinterest-dream-home-worthy” designs. Her large social media following is a testament to the livable yet beautiful spaces she creates for her clients. Becki brings the same design approach to Becki Owens X Hudson Valley Lighting: a cohesive collection of simple, elegant pieces that fit any space and style. 

Ivy Pendant. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

1.    You got your start in interior design by redecorating a friend's home. What made you decide to turn interior design into your full-time job?

My first priority has always been raising my four children, but when my youngest daughter started school full-time, I knew I could focus more on my love of design. Once I was able to put more time into my work,  business really started growing and more jobs started rolling in.

2.    As one of the pioneers of promoting their work on Instagram in its early days, what has been the most rewarding event, moment, or project that social media has brought you?

One day Good Housekeeping reached out to me on Instagram to photograph and share my San Clemente, CA beach house project. That was such a compliment and a big turning point to have my work published.

3.    For designers who are looking to turn their business into a brand, what are the top three pieces of advice you can share?

Document your work. It’s funny you would think photographing your work would be a no brainer, but design to installation is a huge task and by the end sometimes it’s easy to forget to arrange photography. It is so important to develop a portfolio of your work so people learn about and admire your individual aesthetic.


Lara Wall Sconce. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

4.    We've had the pleasure of creating a collaborative collection with you over the last few years. Is your approach to designing lighting similar to designing a home?

My approach to designing lighting is similar to designing a home. In my opinion lighting is one of the most important elements in a room. Just like my overall designs, I like to keep lighting designs clean and simple with a bit of modern edge. Lighting is like the eye candy in a room, so I like to add details that shine by mixing metals and finishes to create beautiful texture and added character.

Ivy Pendant. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

5.    What was your inspiration for the new fixtures that have recently come out? And do you have a favorite?

I love airy looking light fixtures that make a statement without closing off the flow of a room. The Debi and Lina from our new collection both meet this criteria. For this new collection, I wanted to include a white light with texture. I love the rope deal of the Debi light and while the shape is modern it is also timeless. I feel like both of these lights are very versatile and work well in any style home.

Debi Pendant by Becki Owens for Hudson Valley Lighting

6.    As a trendsetter in the design space, how can you tell if a design trend will be short-lived or long-term?

It’s always fun to incorporate new trends, but certain silhouettes stand the test of time. If you prefer pieces that are timeless, lanterns are always a good bet. When I’m considering new lighting designs, I like to keep the shapes fairly simple so they are more versatile and can be used in different spaces. If a piece is too ornate, I find people tend to get tired of the style. Sometimes less is more and longer lasting.

Ren Lantern. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

7.    When it comes to designing a client's home, at what point in the process do you begin to think about selecting lighting? And do you have any tips for how to pick out the right fixture for a space?

We think about lighting early in the process. We love to work with lighting and consider it in the layout of a space, from the beginning. For example, when designing a kitchen, as soon as we get an idea of where the cabinets and island will be we consider the lighting placement and effect it will have on the overall feel of the space.

Metal No.2 Wall Sconce. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

8.    How would you advise designers or interior design lovers to think about lighting and its effect in a space?

Lighting is key. I would advise leaving enough budget to purchase statement lighting for spaces. Lighting really elevates a space and has a big impact on the mood. It’s nice to have substantial lighting in a kitchen, above the island and sconces along the wall or above the sink. In a bathroom, lighting really affects not only the beauty of the space but how someone feels as they prepare for their day and good lighting in an entry is very welcoming and leaves a good first impression. Good lighting brings a space to life and adds personality to your designs.

Chambers Chandelier. Design: Becki Owens. Photography: Rebekah Westover.

9.    If you could, what advice would you share with your younger self, just starting out in the industry?

It’s hard, but try not to be overly worried about what everyone thinks. Be true to yourself and your individual taste and creativity. It’s hard to please everyone. The most important thing is to listen to your client and your inner voice and bring that seamlessly together to create a beautiful design.