Contemporary chic design takes many different forms. While it’s often associated with a clean, modern and minimalist aesthetic, designers are increasingly using natural elements to bring new life to their designs. A freshly rebuilt 6,200-square-foot home in Burnaby, British Columbia, featuring Corbett Lighting fixtures, typifies this style. Beautifully blending in with its natural wooded surroundings near Lake Burnaby, the bungalow’s pale natural stone exterior creates understated curb appeal; however, once inside, it’s easy to see what makes this home stand out.   The four-bedroom, six-bath home underwent a massive renovation and custom remodel led by home designer Khang Nguyen and Todd Best, president of Best Builders and chief overseer of the rebuild. The designers opened up the previously segmented and closed off residence by creating an open floor plan with more light and flow. In addition to minimalist interiors in serene muted tones and wood siding to match the home’s natural environment, the homeowners wanted to add a warm and inviting entranceway to welcome guests. In the interior courtyard, visitors can find an unexpected garden plot, which creates a sense of serenity before even setting foot inside the home. home2

A pair of Vertigo pendants illuminate the kitchen countertop

  Remarkable architecture and design define the home’s unique interior, underscored by an incredible butterfly style roof with multiple angles. In addition, the smart home offers many modern features, such as a fully automated media room and automated kitchen cabinets which open at the slightest touch. To decorate the home, interior designer Andrew Wan sought to create a design aesthetic evoking old Hollywood Hills style. His decor incorporates simple lines as well as material and color palettes from the home’s natural surroundings – including sustainable and locally sourced woods – to create flow between indoors and out.   home1

Corbett’s Vertigo pendants in a modern silver finish add motion and flow to the airy kitchen and dining area

  Inside the kitchen, Wan utilized Corbett Lighting’s dizzying Vertigo pendants above the countertop and table. Creating the perfect mixture of motion and balance, Vertigo is an intertwining collage of circular handcrafted rings fused together and finished in a modern silver leaf. A pair of Vertigo pendants is mounted above the kitchen countertop, and an arrangement of three in different sizes and heights is suspended above the dining table.   home3

Corbett’s Fathom casts cool shadows on the home’s entryway

  Wan chose Corbett’s Fathom pendant for the front entrance because of the unique shadows it cast on the entryway. Fathom is a handcrafted iron sphere comprised of multiple-sized circles with open spaces, convex crystal lenses and polished brass and stainless accents. At the core of each pendant is a high-powered, dimmable LED engine. Together these fixtures help illuminate and add dimension to this relaxing, naturally-minded retreat.   Photography: Ema Peter Courtesy of Andrew Wan Design