As the summer months come to a close, many of us are unpacking our sweaters and getting ready to enjoy a crisp chill to the air as the weather changes. For others, like us here at Troy, there’s still opportune weather ahead — grilling, enjoying sunsets on the beach, and adorning short sleeves continues into October and November. Though we may have summer all year ‘round, that doesn’t mean that our favorite Fall characteristics are to be ignored. West Coastians can still indulge in all that is the fall season like pumpkins or gourds as decor, spicy teas to drink, and turtleneck or wool-sweater fashions (perhaps to be worn only for the evening). Another fun way to embrace the moodier months is with celebrating dark interior palettes. A big trend for 2017 happens to be industrial-accented, darker kitchens and frankly, we are all about it.

From painted cabinets to stainless steel appliances, enjoying a dark palette kitchen comes easily when practiced well. Take House Beautiful’s Kitchen of The Year 2017, which we happen to be featured in.

Our Andromeda pendants dangle amongst a skeletal-like ceiling hang for pots and pans, the wires almost unnoticeable with the ebony hood behind it. We applaud designer Jon de la Cruz of DLC-ID on his achievement and creativity, the mix of materials used in this layout are intense in their nature yet softening one another when combined. The 2017 Kitchen Of The Year is featured in House Beautiful’s current issue (P.S. Our sister company Hudson Valley Lighting was used in this kitchen, too! Not to mention, House Beautiful’s Kitchen of the Year 2014 included Hudson Valley Lighting and Troy CSL, getting the dark kitchen trend rolling….)

Aside from Andromeda, we carry numerous fixtures that can be paired with a moody, industrial kitchen. Take the Odyssey linear pendant for example.

Odyssey’s carbide Black Polished Nickel makes its design appear smoky, its shape reminiscent of a stemless wine glass. We imagine this pendant over a kitchen island or the singular pendant over a sink.

For different layers of light look to our Hideaway and Calliope pendants, each bringing an edge that is still refined. The brighter Rustic Aged Leaf finish found on Calliope can be a bright, welcomed contrast to green and black hues in a space. Same goes for Hideaway, which the Champagne Leaf finish provides a complementing contradiction to darker palettes.

Need more persuasion on the moodier hues? Apartment Therapy compiled a list of their favorite black-on-black set ups for 2017 and it will leave you running for the closest home improvement store, paint brush in hand — or at least daydreaming about doing so.

This kitchen trend has its perks. For one, accents like brass and copper are enhanced with the darker backdrop, adding an illusion of more space and a contemporary freshness to the space. There’s a boldness to inky-colored kitchens that we find inspiring and leave much room for the home decor imagination. But we must mention that when we talk about a moody decor overall, we don’t just mean black. Shades of slate, forest green… there’s a lot to work with to create the dark kitchen of your interior design dreams.

Into the shadier trend but not sure how to commit? Dark appliances can be your outlet, like this black stainless-steel series from LG and designer Nate Berkus. Brass accents pop without any deep hues overtaking the space. Also, using natural daylight in a darker space makes approaching this trend easier to fall into. Natural light helps bring all the special details and personality to life.

Getting into the spirit of Fall and East Coast’s earlier nightfall, we can’t help but gravitate towards a darker palette for our living spaces. We’ve put together a Pinterest board to help inspire a moodier mindset. See below for a few pulled from there. From Kitchen of the Year to the Autumnal time of year, we’re in the spirit.