With the coming of new seasons it’s time to check in with yourself: how has your year been going? What would you like to accomplish with the coming season? After you’ve had some time to think about yourself, check in with family and friends. There’s no better way to do this than throwing a dinner party. Fall-inspired décor and comfort food are terrific reasons to get your guest list started now. 

Vertigo Pendant | Design by Allan Moore & Associates 

Although Corbett is a California-based-brand and we don’t have the fantastic fall East-Coasters get, we love celebrating the fall months just as much as anyone. Even some of our lighting fixtures have a bit of an autumnal-flair to them, like our Anello fixture that provides your home with golden leaves all year long. Anello features beautiful Venetian glass in straw-colored and clear, creating the illusion of leaves on top of leaves lightly floating down from the ceiling. When designing our fixtures, we think of how they would look head-on or from underneath at a dinner table, ensuring they’re just as gorgeous from any angle. For decor that's less permanent than lighting, styling your dinner table sets the ambience for the evening of your party. 

Graffiti Chandelier | Lighting Design by Julia Fraser | Architecture by David Small

In coming up with your tablescape, following these few simple guidelines will help:

1. Create a vision. Think of the colors and motifs you’d like to use throughout your tablescape. Do you want to keep the tableware simple or something a bit more extravagant? Your vision should coincide with the menu you’re serving and how many guests are coming.

Photo via Country Living

2. Choose a statement piece. This could be an amazing floral arrangement, candles, or something entirely unexpected like faux antlers pictured above. Having a focal point for your tablescape will help you decide on other decorations to accentuate the centerpiece. 

3. Personalize place settings. Assigning seats may seem a bit elementary, but it will take away the awkwardness of everyone trying to decide where to sit. Also, personalized place settings and menus are a great takeaway for guests.  

Photo via The Decorista

4. Incorporate texture and use varying heights. The best way to spruce up your tablescape is including the right amount of variation. You don’t want it to look too overdone for smaller gatherings, so try to stick to 3-5 motifs. The table above uses a black color scheme and adds depth with different colored pumpkins, fall-inspired floral arrangements, and long candlesticks.

While it’s important to give your guests something pretty to look at, a dinner party is only as good as the food being served. We compiled some delicious fall-inspired recipes to make choosing the menu for your party just a little easier.

Coconut Curry Pumpkin Soup

Butternut Squash Risotto with Parmesan

Honeyed Fig Crostatas

Beautiful décor and amazing food will make your party one to remember, but at the heart of any dinner party, it’s all about the people and the connections made through sharing a meal and enjoying each other's company.