It's a wonderful experience when a room design comes together. So many elements combine to produce a unique, flawless look. That's why we love this bathroom design featuring our very own Danville pendant, and Crossville's tile. When you step into this bathroom, it almost feels like you're stepping into an ancient Greek bath house. With luxurious, feminine, and rustic elements, this bathroom embodies relaxation.



Setting the stage for this glorious retreat is Danville, our spherical, crystal adorned pendant in an aged brass finish. As a glamorous piece, we love the way that the room's elements have combined to feature Danville in a novel setting. As a delicate choice, Danville compliments the lilac wall to create a feminine base that contrasts with the drapery. Lush, long, and bold, these curtains combine rich chocolate hues with an arabesque pattern that strays away from the feminine mood.

Adding to the masculine feeling is the use of brown, gold, and natural items. The branch beside the tub is wonderful because it adds the feel of nature while combining brown hues reminiscent of those in the curtains. The shower stool serves the same purpose, while adding rustic flair. 

Aged brass metalwork adds a refined industrial feel to the space. With a floor mounted tub spout, the bathroom takes on a vaguely industrial feel, combined with an ancient bath house ambiance. If you look closely, you'll notice glass items with aged brass accents, including the items in the window of the shower and the fragrance on the bathroom counter. The tub spout brings your eye to the bathtub itself, a modern and substantial piece in white. As your eye moves from the spout to the tub, it falls upon the stunning, porcelain tile. The collection is "Virtue" by Crossville, and it moves superbly throughout the room. Going from a simple square pattern into a chevron center makes for a gorgeous effect. The tile continues seamlessly into the shower, forming a mosaic design on the floor and a picket design that ascends up the walls.

This design is a skillful example of how to combine unrelated items into an unusual design space. The rustic details blended with the masculine drapery and linked to Crossville's outstanding tile make for a picturesque bathroom escape. Danville is the cherry on top of this design: a dramatic and elegant piece adorning a room that is anything but typical.