Over the last decade, the resort and hospitality domain has experienced a series of stark transformations – most of them generated by the rise of the Airbnb and the shifting demands of a new generation of travelers. These new waves in vacationing challenge conventions in the hotel industry and revitalize even the most timeworn traditions – including the longstanding custom of camping.

Swapping poorly padded sleeping bags for well-fluffed pillows and opulent amenities, outdoor enthusiasts are flocking to glamping: glamorous camping, which redefines the classic wilderness sleepover experience. “Roughing it” against the elements becomes relaxation in luxury, as glamping brings out only the best in open air activities: the proximity to nature, the experience of rain, wind, and campfires, and distance from urban distraction.



An international movement, glamping sites have emerged across the globe, from cottages dotting the Virgin Islands to safari-style retreats in South Africa and Georgian farm huts in the United Kingdom.  While any number of destinations might appeal to your design sensibilities or play on your interest in a particular natural setting, certain elements appear across all glamping sites.

Comfortable Furnishing and Accents

Comfort: the first box to check for an ideal glamping site. To achieve an inviting interior, whether within a well-secured canvas shelter or a structured hut, a site must feature prominent lounge furniture and an array of soft accents. Think fluffed, feathered blankets strewn over encompassing womb chairs and plush beds that sink perfectly under your weight.

Connected Convenience

Convenience: a clear improvement over traditional outdoor clearings, glamping offers the ability to plug in at a whim. From wifi and charge stations to easily accessible touchscreens, vacationing away doesn’t mean you have to get off the grid. Stay in touch with friends, track your excursions and share your experiences from the luxury of your room.

Purposeful Lighting

Illumination: whether by the sun, the moon or a well-placed pendant, lighting determines your experience of a space and your ability to enjoy an environment. For the glamping site, having a balance between natural and human-made light means being able to enjoy the natural cycle of the day without sacrificing well-lit evenings. Through meaningful placement, an added fixture can serve as a room’s focal point and conversation piece or complete an aesthetic.

With glamping on the mind, Corbett Lighting can’t help but imagine the perfect set up, with welcoming staples of comfort and convenience.

Ideal for our looks are the Barcelona and Pulse pendants.


Barcelona showcases a diverse and highly creative design sense reminiscent of the city that shares its name. A mélange of crystal and hand-formed Italian drops in a medley of subtle color are suspended by a unique jewelry chain. The handcrafted iron pendants, sconces, islands and semi-flush fixtures feature a highly distinguished silver and gold leaf finish.

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Pulse’s entirely handcrafted and folded iron mesh screens fit together, creating a suspended element in fluid motion. The effect is a sculptural “ruffled” fixture – delicate yet substantial. At the heart of Pulse’s unique design are its clever light sources, casting a warm and radiant glow throughout the perforated layers. The dynamic, illuminated light is topped in a rich, hand-applied gold leaf, offset by a stainless stem.

Other finds:  CB2 Leaf / Athropologie Natasya Wallpaper / CB2 Simon Blush Chair / H&M Scented Candle 

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