May is here! Everything is bursting open outdoors and we are in full bloom here at Hudson Valley Lighting, too. To welcome the new season, we're excited to share a few of our new 2015 releases with you. Today, we bring you Washington, Wellington, Dresden, and Caswell. 

Like the elegant pairing of grand piano and resonant cello, Washington looks to classical forms that contrast each other and leaves little to be desired. Encasing exposed-filament bulbs mounted in a simple arm that reveals the sumptuous finish within a beautiful piece of artisanally sculpted glasswork, Washington is a duet both contemporary and timeless. At once ornate and ethereal, the detailed turns of Washington's crafted glassware are balanced by its pristine clarity. To create this elaborate shape, a skilled artisan works molten glass into a special form called a "paste mold," which is simultaneously turned by an assistant. With careful timing, the team produces a seamless piece of beautifully figured glasswork. Washington was a buyers' favorite at the Dallas Market, the lighting world's premiere event, earlier this year. 

Glamour and simplicity meet in our Wellington. A brilliant mix of materials, its sleek and polished planes evoke high modernism. Cool and refreshing as ice cubes tinkling in a highball glass, cast metals mingle with gleaming acrylics. The result is a sophisticated play of light and shadow as its carousel of bulbs shine through frames transparent and opaque. Our devotion to design unity shows in the detailed candle sleeves, which top the mixed material motif with vintage exposed-filament lamps. Its ninety-degree angles reminds us why they call them “right”—when something feels right, you just know it. 

Dresden marries basic elements to form a forward-thinking fixture. As you move around this piece, it changes, making every angle a good one. One of the really interesting things about Dresden is how different it is in the trending Old Bronze and Aged Brass mixed finish from the futuristic Polished Nickel one (above). See the whole family here

Ringed by a gleaming plane of polished acrylic, Caswell's glowing orb of crafted opal glass embodies a space-age style that is anything but saturnine. Powerful LED drivers make this a truly 21st century collection. Caswell emanates brilliant light, while consuming a fraction of the energy required by traditional incandescent fixtures. Not only is the light exuded by Caswell powerful, so too is the statement. Aesthetic and pragmatic concerns here meet in winning partnership. As seen here, Caswell pendants make for great island lights in the kitchen, creating an excellent sense of symmetry while providing more than ample illumination for tasks done in this space.

Which one do you like best?