Last weekend, Architectural Digest hosted its 16th annual Architectural Digest Design Show, the essential showcase for luxury design, in NYC.

Showcasing the best of design and luxury for the home, demonstrating what is on-trend and what is on its way, Architectural Digest's Design Show is a must-attend event for industry insiders and savvy consumers alike.

It was our pleasure and privilege to contribute in some small way. We were featured in a beautifully designed, carefully curated "apartment" by Shawn Henderson, taking center stage. Shawn is on the AD 100 list for 2017. He knows a thing or two about what’s cool and what makes a room work.


Our sister brand Troy’s Ace chandelier was exactly that in the kitchen space, while four of our Marshall table lamps accompanied both sides of both the couch and bed, creating a beautiful sense of symmetry. In a space designed for chilling, these are the two main areas in which to relax. Marshall helps set the vibe both with its lighting and its looks.   

Marshall makes an attractive decorative accent while providing a valuable layer of accent light. Its robust ball-shaped base creates a visual anchor, playfully echoed in its switch and finial. A wide shade diffuses the light and balances the presence taken up by the base. Either as a table lamp or a floor lamp, Marshall adds character to a room.

Looking at all the pictures below by Matthew Carasella Photography, our Marshall lamp works as a decorative accent in both rooms. Its sculptural ball base and slim body, its fine finishes, and its simple yet sophisticated shade all add something essential to the rooms it inhabits.

According to a press release for the event, “As a special feature of the show, the Architectural Digest Apartment, envisioned by celebrated interior designer Shawn Henderson, will offer a sophisticated perspective on bold, urban luxury.”  We think he nailed it. What do you think?