When English art critic John Ruskin said, “The purest and most thoughtful minds are those which love color the most,” we have to believe he meant that adoration went beyond the canvas and easel. The colors we come in contact with do more than just exist – each ROY G BIV plays a role in the senses and our perception of things. There’s been plenty of research with color psychology and its effects on human behavior. According to the science, color can influence the way we process flavors or how we feel towards an inanimate object or a room we enter. Colors are so persuasive, imagine understanding the impact they make when picking out interiors for your next remodeling project. While lighting is often a neutral accent to a space, Troy RLM produces fixtures available in a variety of fun colors that could help provide subtle cues to people entering or interacting with a space. Troy RLM provides many opportunities to add some joy to the process of designing, whether it be a coffee shop or office.



Why bother understanding the effects of color? Aside from pleasing aesthetics, colors can bring a certain emotion to a space, drawing a consumer in and influencing them in a certain direction.

Red represents ambition, passion, and boldness. A confident color, red can add a touch of drama to a small space or be the exciting accent that brings a room’s energy together. The Bird Cage pendant has an aluminum shade with an outer wire cage, literally mimicking a bird cage. The exterior red wire encompasses the aluminum shade without stealing the show, making this pendant an ideal piece for an eatery area as red is an appetite stimulant. Red is attention-grabbing as well, ideal to draw someone into a shop or restaurant.


Orange is a friendly color that also evokes a sense of freedom, spontaneity, and optimism. Could the Aero pendant, with its inner tangerine gloss and multi-shade design, open a space in a freeing way? Orange is also fun, youthful, and energetic. Place Aero in a space that needs some energy and positivity, like a dentist’s office or a gym.


Orange could also add a pop of fun to rustic flair.


The old with the new. Reclaimed beams with a pop of color from @troylighting.

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Blue evokes trust and serenity. It suggests dependability, encouraging focus. Determination and ambition often come associated with this color. The Deep Reflector pendant may work perfectly in a yoga studio or outside of a medical facility.

For feeling restored, safe, and positive with clarity, Green is the go-to. The Retro Industrial pendant’s exterior design keeps the bulb safe inside while the deep Hunter green reminds one of the forest, which can be a peaceful place to find some clearness in, we believe. The hunter green is a dichotomy to the fixture’s name but alas, Retro Industrial will go beyond its name and create a feeling of rustic peacefulness.



RLM’S Heavy Duty sconce comes in a grey shade that adds a neutral tone to a space. Grey calms, creating a balanced energy without overwhelming. Despite the name, there’s lightness to this sconce as its gooseneck design and wide shade balance each other out. Given grey is neutral, Heavy Duty can go in many types of places, providing a calming accent.

Color psychology is a constructive tool used by marketing firms, artists, and interior decorators, but still has much more to be explored. To know what colors draw each of us in and belong in each room is a skillset that most of us are aware of without even realizing, as we are drawn to certain colors for certain situations, choosing what works best. These choices, big or small, can create an entirely new mood for a room.