It always feels glamorous to be associated with the movies, America's favorite pastime. In the new Nancy Meyers comedy, The Intern, starring Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway, one of our lights gets a starring role.

Anne Hathaway's character, Jules Ostin, is a young independent entrepreneur who starts her own successful fashion business. About the Fit is a Brooklyn-based e-commerce start-up selling women's clothing. With its phenomenal and fast success, Jules is struggling to balance all of her roles—both at work and in the rest of her life. 

As a tastemaker in the fashion world, Jules has her finger on the pulse of what's cool. Her brownstone abode is stunning. Nancy Meyers's movies have a reputation for gorgeous spaces showcasing the best of contemporary design. Kristi Zea (Production Designer) and Susan Bode (Set Decorator) did not disappoint on the real locations used in The Intern. It was with a thrill, then, that we noticed pendants that appear to be none other than our Haverhill hanging above her kitchen island.

In looking at other sets for the movie—such as the open-space loft where her company takes root—there is a predominance of chic vintage & industrial task lighting, which makes sense. Having our Haverhill at home, then, is a perfect fit. It takes inspiration from factory fixtures and dockside lighting from the Industrial Era.  


In Cathy Whitlock's piece for Traditional Home, Production Designer Kristi Zea (The Silence of the Lambs, Goodfellas) discusses some of her choices for the environments of The Intern. She provides some thought-provoking insights into her thinking behind these sets. It's really cool to see some Josef Hoffman chairs in the mix. If you're interested, you can learn more about him in our in-depth blog post on him and the Vienna Workshops here.

Also thrilling to discover in this piece was that Nancy Meyers used Pinterest boards to organize her thinking about the interior environments of the movie, which she shared with Zea. Pinterest is our number one crush here at Hudson Valley Lighting. We use it all the time. It's always cool to hear how people in other industries are using it to do anything besides just look, drool, and ache. 




Photograph by Joshua McHugh. Copyright 2015 Joshua McHugh. Used with the express permission of Warner Bros. Please do not distribute.