Community Outreach

While success is indeed a product of determination and vision, it also takes a measure of good fortune. Grateful for the good fortune that we have had, Hudson Valley Lighting, Littman Brands, and the Littman family embrace opportunities to use our success for extending the benefits of good fortune to those who are in need. We are dedicated to philanthropic causes that bring comfort and care to vulnerable members of our society, both here in New York's Hudson Valley and across the United States.

Red Cross Show House 2015

American Red Cross remains one of the world's most vital humanitarian organizations, helping people to prepare for disaster and responding to it when it strikes, putting compassion into action as they attempt to alleviate human suffering. When Nicholas Skidmore and Andrew Mormile, designers and principals of Forte Interiors, contacted us to ask for a donation of fixtures for a Red Cross Showhouse they were participating in, we didn't hesitate to say yes. Benefitting the South Florida Region division of the Red Cross, the Showhouse took the palatial 1925 home—known alternately as "La Florentia" and The Birthday Cake Castle—and transformed its interior into a breathtaking exhibition of great interior design.

The pamphlet distributed to the approximately 4,000 paying visitors to the Showhouse described Forte Interiors' work in the bath thusly: "Unexpected drama pervades this former master retreat with its rich color palette of navy, gold, and stained burled Madrone. Both vintage and contemporary styles captivate and rejuvenate the space. Stylish furnishings consisting of a boldly painted custom vanity and stained dressing table feel and look like furniture as they easily become focal points, complementing one another. Brass plumbing fixtures offer a modern, minimalist design while still maintaining warmth and sophistication. Classic lighting sconces and a striking pendant add panache to this royal remodel."

Nick Skidmore and Andrew Mormile appropriated our Merrick picture lights as vanity sconces and used our Glendale to captivating effect. The Showhouse was a great success and it was both a pleasure and an honor to work with the gentlemen of Forte, who kindly obliged us in an interview about the process, which you can read on our blog.

Littman Cancer Center

Cancer is a misfortune that can befall anyone, at any time. The anxiety and suffering associated with the disease knows no boundaries; cancer hurts not only those afflicted, but their friends and family alike. The Littman family is committed to substantially supporting all aspects of cancer care, from enhancing diagnostic and treatment options to funding cancer research. "Activism and involvement have been a way of life for me and my family," says David Littman, founder of Hudson Valley Lighting and the Littman Brands; "I grew up with an understanding of our responsibility to community, witnessing firsthand how getting involved can make a difference."

David's passion for community-based activism is manifest in the generous support that he and his wife Connie have given to St. Luke's Cornwall Hospital, a regional healthcare center serving New York's lower Hudson Valley. SLCH CEO Allan E. Atzrott asserts that a hospital's ability to care for its patients depends on personal commitments from community members that ensure the best facilities, technology, and staff. Atzrott proudly notes that the "Littmans live this commitment every day.

Construction of the $23 million dollar Littman Cancer Center in Cornwall, NY began in June 2009 to resolve the lack of comprehensive cancer care in the area. According to Atzrott, the LCC brings "the best of the best in cancer treatment close to home." Previously, many of the area's patients were forced to seek treatment far from their homes, burdening already stressed and weakened bodies with the havoc of long commutes. Today, the Littman Cancer Center at St. Luke's Cornwall conveniently locates the full range of necessary services in one facility, including the latest advancements in radiation oncology, a new chemotherapy unit, offices for cancer physicians, and a host of complimentary support services.

Care at the Littman Cancer Center is focused on the needs of the whole patient—physical and emotional—including the needs of family and friends who are also affected by a cancer diagnosis. In planning the LCC, St. Luke's listened to the experiences of David and Connie, along with numerous patients and family members who have been personally affected by cancer. In response, the Center developed a "mind, body, and spirit" approach to treatment, which takes many forms. Nobody goes through their treatment journey alone; LCC's patient navigators are available to coordinate all aspects of care, from transportation and childcare arrangements, assistance with financial and insurance paperwork, to research into clinical trials.

The Center itself was designed as a place of healing: the warm décor of evokes a spa setting, rather than a clinical one. Private treatment areas, individual televisions, a well-stocked refreshment room, and a lounge for family and friends make trips to the infusion suite comfortable. Patients and family members are encouraged to further their understanding of the disease that is impacting their lives by taking advantage of the LCC's library. Support groups, art therapy, yoga, knitting, guided meditation, and nutrition counseling are some of the services the LCC offers to help patients not only cope, but thrive during their treatment.

Of course, the Littman Cancer Center is devoted to aggressively treating cancer with the best available technology, pharmacology, and surgical practices. David and Connie's generosity allowed the LCC to bring the first TomoTherapy®machine to Orange, Ulster, and Sullivan Counties. This next-generation therapy delivers more than 10,000 highly targeted radiation beams that conform to cancerous tumors, avoiding critical organs and minimizing damage to healthy tissue. Specialized centers further refine treatment so that patients receive care coordinated to their specific cancer. The Breast Care, Lung Care, Colorectal Care, and Prostate Care centers within the LCC attract the best specialists in each respective field.

David, Connie, and the Littman family continue to support the LCC's ongoing mission to provide the region's residents with high-quality, big-city care—right here in their Hudson Valley home.

Littman Cancer Center